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Proudly Celebrating 20 Years of Serving Our Customers

Founded in 1992 with 4 automatic 2nd hand knitting machines, Golden Wheel Trading C.C. is proudly celebrating our 20th year of business in 2012.  Today we are producing over …. Click to read more.


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Consists with our name of Golden Wheel was founded in 1992 and yet, we are 100% MADE IN SOUTH AFRICA!

Golden Wheel has kept updating our R&D to develop high technique for diversity of knitwear. These series of state-of-art products have been accepted on their end sales.

We are professional on manufacture for all chain stores in South Africa. Stunning qualities and knitwear manufacture, variable from 3 gauge up to 12 gauge allows more flexible and creative designs on the knitwear.

We have highly experiences on knitting industrial. Equipped with most advance technologies computerized flat and circular knitting machines. From jacquard to fully fashion, all it does is just to add up more value on the products.

We also have major knitting machines enterprises’ technical supports from Europe, trusted our professions will suits your needs.

Compliance with National Bargaining Council 

Has been certified as compliance company.

BEE rated

We are certified and rated by BEE RATED agency. Please click here for more info.

A+ supplier

Has been listed as A+ supplier since 2000 and continuously thru the years up today.



2018/01 Declare 2018 is year of the Lean Journey
2017/05 Joining KZN CTC cluster
2015/12 Increased capacity with fully computerized machines again.
2013/06 BBBEE rated as LEVEL 1 Contributor.
2012/02 Reinforced in 7 gauge with fully computerized machines.
2010/09 Double up the capacity of 10 gauge by using fully computerized machines.
2004/11 Added the 3 gauge production capacities.
2004/03 Brand “TREE” launched in local stores for kids wear.
2003/02 New 10 gauge production brought into capacities.
1997/03 Increasing factory floor from 2000 m2  to 5000 m2.
1996/07 reallocated factory to new premises at Industrial area – Newcastle.
1996/05 Triple up on 7 gauge capacities with fully computerized flat bed machines.
1995/06 Set up factory in Newcastle CBD with 7 gauge automatic machines.
1992/05 Trading for all textile businesses.
1992/04 Golden Wheel Trading C.C founded by Mr. Mark Hsu.